Selecting Hybrids, Varieties and/or Heirlooms for your Vegetable Garden

An important consideration when planning the vegetable garden is to select plant material (heirlooms, varieties or hybrids) that are adapted to your area’s growing conditions.  Although local plant nurseries strive to carry adapted plant materials you shouldn’t assume that they have made all the best selections.   Recently, this was the case when I was shopping for apple trees.  I found some healthy-looking trees at one of our local nurseries however, upon close inspection, I discovered that the original vendor stated that certain of their varieties are not recommended for my region of MO.

Adapted, locally grown plant materials typically have the advantage over other plant varieties due to their resistance to disease, ability to complete their life cycle in a particular climate and favorable plant development under local weather conditions.  In general, proven cultivars and hybrids for your area will be a good choice year after year.  However, keep in mind that newly tested plant materials are frequently introduced so it is wise to save room in your garden to test a few new lines of your favorite veggies.

i enjoy comparing productivity of heirlooms, common varieties and hybrids.  My goal is simply to utilize the best genetic material that suits my expectations for good yield, quality production and resistance/tolerance to major plant diseases.


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