Companion Planting

We have seen some interesting results from last season’s (2022) initial effort to incorporate companion planting as a means to control insect pests. However, before we get started, let’s agree on a definition for companion planting.

Companion planting at SJSCG – 2022

Companion planting is when two plants are grown near each other for the benefit of one or both plants. Well, and as I have mentioned before, we don’t always report on cutting edge technology. Yup, companion planting methods have been around for a long time and there is a wealth of information to review on Papa Internet. Regardless, and new or not, the Garden Dreamer feels that contributing more data on this topic is meaningful. As well, we are committed to report on all organic methods that protect your garden.

The following is a taste of what St. Joseph Street Community Garden has witnessed thus far. As we do with all our posts, we will revisit our comments and findings on companion planting in order to maintain this topic as an “ever living post”.

Asparagus and Cabbage

During the 2022 season, we dabbled with companion planting and saw good results when cultivating cabbage, basil, marigolds and parsley alongside our new asparagus bed.  First year crown growth was lush and free of insects. Although the cabbage showed minimal evidence of feeding by cabbage loopers no sprays were used. As well, the growth of basil, marigolds and parsley were more productive and insect free as compared to their brothers planted in other areas of the garden.  We will certainly repeat this in 2023.

Bush Beans

More to come real soon….

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