Chickens in the Garden

Yes, even the Garden Dreamer requires a little help to improve a garden space.  Over the years, I have utilized chickens for their manure and, of course, their eggs.  During the late afternoon I would let my birds forage for insects and whatever else they found of interest.  Although, I can’t say I am absolutely certain of this critter’s contribution to my garden’s success, I am considering making their presence become a permanent and integrated feature in our community garden.

The literature provides many examples where gardeners capture the richness of this bird’s manure while also enjoying their egg production.  We plan to keep 3 hens, on a 4-year cycle, in an attempt to evaluate their added value. in a vegetable garden.  Main points studied will be their contribution in both insect and weed control.  Most likely we will utilize either Rhode Island Reds or Orpingtons.  That’s right, absolutely no rooster!

My first task is to design a portable chicken coop so that our birds can be moved to any section of the garden.  It is my desire to introduce these birds by late Spring 2022.  I will be updating our blog as we make progress with this project.